D-Day: Nina’s Natural Delivery

I walked into the hospital room slightly nervous. I had performed this herculean act myself, a few months earlier, but this would be my first time experiencing a birth after giving birth myself.  My cousin Maria  was in labor.  I was awoken by a midnight call and her distressed voice demanding my presence. I was completely confused because my sister was her acting doula.  She, the registered nurse, was supposed to be in the room ensuring my Maria’s needs were met and her wants were tended to in a prompt fashion. This task was now handed over to me because my sister was out of reach.

Now, I was prepared, as any good *unofficial* understudy would be but my real plan for this day was to assist my sister in tending to Maria. Something I knew I could do, hands down. But this? OMG, was I supposed to have the answers for real now? Sway, help me!

I compose myself, and try to forget that only a few hours earlier I had been drinking. That’s right folks, mama’s gotta live too! I went to a friend’s wedding and I got my drink on because I knew Nina was safe with her grandma drinking a mixture of pre-pumped milk and supplementing with formula.  Now, the 15 minute drive felt like it took forever.  Despite it being the wee hours of a Monday morning, I must have caught every stoplight and was unlucky with parking.  Under normal circumstances I would chalk it up to living in New York and move on.  However, today was different.  I could still remember my own labor and delivery day like it was last week.  The excitement, fear and pain all melding into one continuous stream of thought.  I remember needing to feel supported.  Needing someone I loved and could count on to be in the room with me. Needing someone there whose presence reminded me that everything would be okay.  Right now, I was that someone for my cousin. Her fiancé had just made it back to Maryland when he got the call that she was in labor; Her mother was in California where she now lived and was unable to come for a few days; Her father was visibly shaken and though he tried, wasn’t much comfort.  I felt this responsibility heavily as I drove over; reminding myself I needed to be a calming but firm presence in the room.


I walked into her dimly lit hospital room.  I came in and asked the question you know you shouldn’t, but had to: “How are you feeling?” I got myself up to speed on her dilation, length and consistency of contractions, and how long she had been in labor. I also tried to understand if there were any concerns or if everything was going according to plan.  For a while she wanted to rest, which transported me back to a few months earlier on the coldest day in November.

I was rudely awakened by what felt like the stomach flu.  I ran (well, as much as a 10 month pregnant lady could run) to the bathroom where I was held prisoner for an hour.  Let’s just say I dealt with the symptoms people with the stomach flu deal with and at 6:00 am I finally thought I could safely remove myself from the bathroom. It was at that point I noticed that I was having consistent contractions.  I timed my contractions for an hour before waking my husband up.  I finally yelled out to him at 7:00 am that I was in labor.  This part of the story makes me smile now, but I wanted to pause labor to shake him back then. He jumps out of bed, with energy and a goofy smile and states:  “It’s go time”.  The man proceeds to prep like he is back playing college football and its Saturday morning:  makes a coffee or smoothie for himself, double checks that the bags are packed, calls my mom and sister to inform them and “pep talks” me through the contractions. His excitement was palatable which annoyed me, because I wanted to feel excitement through the contractions, but could not.  My sister talks me through techniques to ease the pain which help make some of the contractions bearable.  I manage to take a shower and get dressed to head to the Brooklyn Birthing Center once I confirm with one of my midwives that it was indeed the correct time.  My sister arrives, she is helping me and I am being snippy with her. I realize this as I am doing it but cannot help myself.

Present day, I’m back in the hospital room now looking at my cousin. She is sleeping but has a few minor requests. In trying to get help from her main nurse I am met with major resistance. Why? I am not sure.  I immediately think of all of the podcasts I’ve listened to regarding women and their families, being dismissed by caregivers and I am not having it.  I have something like a “coming to Jesus” moment with her, and we are all good to go.  It reminds me how important it is for all of us to have people who listen to us and care about our wants and needs.  As she is comforted I think again to November when on the way to the birthing center we have to stop to meet up with her.  We were hosting a gender reveal for her and of course I go into labor on the same day.  I try my best to smile for her but I manage to barely lift my head and grimace. I realized it would be a long day.

It’s a little after 9:00 am when we arrive at the birthing center. I am given my intravenous anti-biotics and make myself comfortable.  Actually, I just lay down; my hubby puts on the essential oils, plays the playlist and dims the light.  As I start to drift off I notice that he is watching the Cowboy’s game on his phone, but decide to leave it alone, I had more pressing issues at the time.   I sleep on and off for hours and around 5:00 pm I start moving around.  One of the reasons I chose to labor at a birthing center was the freedom of mobility.  I was allowed to walk around and do whatever my body needed at any given moment in time.  It felt liberating to be able to do whatever I felt I needed without the restrictions of hospital policy.  My family is slow to arrive because everyone is still at the gender reveal I am hosting, but around 7:00pm they are all there. I have been laboring for over twelve hours at this time but the “nap” I took has me feeling like I can continue on.

My husband and I both feel when the contraction arrives that finally breaks my water.  It was powerful, and we call the midwife. She confirms that indeed the water was broken and we were getting closer to this baby being out here with us.  My midwives help me to get Nina properly aligned by raising my tummy when my contractions come.  By around 10:00 pm I am on my knees, literally, praying that the baby comes soon because I do not want her to have the same birthday as my little sister. I feel like I have no idea what anything looks like down there, and I warn my midwife every time she goes to check me “it’s a mess”.   She gives me a look that reminds me she’s seen a laboring mom before and I am able to put my shame aside.

Finally, I believe I have to poo, which I knew was a sign that the baby could finally be making her entrance.  My mom is sitting directly in front of me and I am on the toilet. My sister is crouched down in front of me trying to get a good view.  As my doula, mother of three and a RN, I trusted she understood what she was seeing. My mother quickly peeks over after I have a hell of a contraction and says “I think I see the head”.  My sister confirms and I begin to feel what everyone references as “the ring of fire”.  I have since forgotten that sensation, but I remember intellectualizing the pain and also realizing that the baby must be near.   My midwife swoops in and safely delivers my little girl. She is placed on my chest and I am euphoric.  Probably because of all of the endorphins that have been released in my body as a reward for delivering this baby.   I still think back to those moments right after her birth and calm comes over me.  For a few minutes everything felt right, and I was super proud and in love.

I drift back to the present time and things are picking up for Maria. I try my best to ensure her birth plan is respected and that she understands everything that is happening.  Her fiancé arrives just in time to hold her hand as she pushes and a full head of hair emerges.  It was surreal to witness this moment. I felt so connected to my Maria, and to women everywhere, as she went through this ritual we all have been participating for thousands of years.

In the end I felt amazing about my birth. I felt listened to, supported and I knew everyone there was there for me.  Helping my cousin deliver also reaffirmed for me that birthing rooms are a place I would like to spend more time.  That experience confirmed something I had been debating for a while, a seed planted when I was a little girl,  but needed a little push to pursue.  While I continue to ponder this, sparkle on y’all.



Is that a + sign?!

“So, you’re pregnant…” (And when I say you, I mean me.. cause this is me talking to myself) “Okay, now what?  What are your next steps?”  To be honest, at this moment I had so many various thoughts racing through my head.  I thought about my husband and I trying and praying for this kid; I thought about my family hounding me for years about when this kid would arrive; I thought of the one or two friends who said they  would cry when they found out about this kid (some in a positive way, some mourning the loss of a party buddy); I thought about our small one bedroom and our English bulldog (who is an attention whore by the way); and finally, I thought of all the things I said I would do before I had a kid and when I got pregnant.  I didn’t know where I was supposed to begin. But I knew one thing, I needed support. So telling someone, mainly the one responsible for this, was important to me. I wanted  him to be surprised and I needed to tell him in a fun way. So, below I will share how I shared this information with my  hubby and got to relive my own excitement through his eyes.

First thing first, I found out I was pregnant on a nondescript Monday. I realized I was late and told myself to calm down, and wait until Monday (which would be a week), to check to see.  Monday came, I bought a test (which was an experience because I am awkward and turn even the most mundane situations into experiences). I will spare you the thoughts and needless analytics that went along with this trip and jump to the result: POSITIVE. So the first test, I passed … but needed to confirm. I missed my GYN appointment scheduled for that week and ended up walking into an urgent care center where a very blunt and excited doctor confirmed that I was pregnant; and said I was about 5 weeks pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. 

So next I had to move quickly. I am not good at keeping things quiet sometimes, so I knew I had to tell Eric right away… well as soon as I could craft up the perfect gift. I thought for a while and wanted to tell him in a way that would speak to him directly. This meant I had to include the Cowboys. I came up with a catchy phrase (well at least I thought it was) and created the gift. I also got his favorite type of desert (ice cream cake) and cooked a nice meal.

Below is the gift I created for him and a short video of him opening it.   I think I added a little sparkle to his night… and soon, hopefully his life 🙂


Okay… now the journey officially begins… watch me grow and you continue to sparkle.




Sometimes the holidays come and go, and we barely have a moment to enjoy. Traditions are a fun way to ensure you are creating lasting memories for all involved! 

The holidays is always a fun time for my family. We cherish the moments we get to spend together uninterrupted and totally consumed by our own awesomeness.  While it does bother me how commercial some of my favorite seasons have become, I will save that for a different post…on a different blog. Right now, lets talk about getting extra sparkly during a time when the lights are already bright!  Now this will be a two part post because my family celebrates both Christmas and Kwanzaa. I will start with Christmas because its first on the calendar!

How to make Christmas sparkle?  Super easy, and it has nothing to do with the amount of §imoleons you spend at Sim Center Mall (for all of you who also love “The Sims” Game that was for you!).  To me it is important to create space and time for your family to be its best self and also traditions that bind you.  Now, some of you may think to yourselves “ my family doesn’t really have any traditions, we just sit around and sing Karaoke after Christmas dinner” AHA! There you go! Don’t turn into crazy Auntie lady (like I do a few times a year) killing yourself to create special moments, embrace  your family just the way you are.  My suggestion is to think about when you’re family is the happiest (and do not default to … when we are apart and on our phones) but really think. Not only around holidays but in every day life, do you guys watch movies together very well (except for that one sister that tries to ruin the end every time); or maybe its not actually dinner, but cooking together; maybe its decorating the house or even walking around the neighborhood and picking your favorite set up.  Whatever it is, just acknowledge it. It becomes special once you guys decide that it is.

So if you’ve reviewed your family’s actions and still feel as if you guys lack “tradition worthy” events, it is never too late to create one.  Its you’re world, you can create your own reality (sneaking in a bit of positive psychology to keep you coming back for more).  But for real y’all, you’re only one year away from the “2nd Annual” time you’ve done it!  Meaning, once you all decide on a tradition, just stick to it.  I think the best representation of how simple or crazy a tradition can be and how dynamic  the first conditions it is created under  can be reference NBC’s This Is Us.  Truth be told, just needed to mention this show because it is simply a masterpiece and really represents how families are held together by tape,  glue and might (yes, Tape &  Glue was a Grey’s reference).  In the  “Pilgrim Rick” episode of  This Is Us we are taken on a journey through the thanksgiving traditions of the Pearsons that we later learn are based on one hell of a Thanksgiving mishap.  What I took away from that episode is that it matters not what you do or even why you do what you do as a tradition but more so who you do it with and how you do it.  This family chose to honor the day they decided to (or were forced) to create a new tradition.

So to help you out, here are some traditions my family partakes in for this holiday:

  1. Trip to Trinidad! (now this has not really happened since 2005 but it’s a tradition that can be picked up at anytime. I share this with you to say, you do not have to do something every year for it to be special and traditional for your family)
  2. Singing at the Senior Center: Now this started out as my mother telling us we had no choice but to attend and sing. But it became something special for us, and our friends, to sing at the senior center very close to the Christmas holiday. This has now become something special for us because it helps us remember that this season isnt about us receiving a bunch of material gifts, but rather, the gift of grace that was given to us from our heavenly father. We can donate a bit of our time to ensure that others feel the joy!
  3. Church on Christmas Eve: Again, this was something that we just used to do, because we had to, but again, it has grown so  dear to us. Nothing puts you in a joyous mood more than begin transported back to the beginning of the season…. Even if historically  the birth likely happened a different time of year (due to when the annual census used to happened) its still a special time to  recognize this momentous occasion
  4. Open one (or all…) present on Christmas Eve: This started because after we had behaved so well (or not) in church for a few hours we would return home and it would technically be Christmas. My mom was always a sucker for making us feel special in every way that she could, so she always let us open one of the gifts already under the tree. If it ended up that we opened all that were already under there was always a little surprise on Christmas morning proper, because our best gifts usually weren’t wrapped and already under the tree. So we would wake up to a surprise of the things we had actually asked for…which was always a dope surprise that was unexpected. Reinforcing the whole “be thankful for what you have” ideology we learn in church and sometimes you will be blessed more abundantly. Now,  not sure we understood that completely as children, but it made for great holidays
  5. Christmas Breakfast! Before we get into the frenzy of opening gifts, we take a moment to eat breakfast together. Now, I must admit when I was younger I would rush through the meal in order to get to the gifts. But now it has tuned into a moment that we savor as a family. All the excitement and energy we’ve put into preparing for this day– it slows down time for a moment, giving us a moment to fellowship together and think about the reason for the season. This is a fun and practical tradition.  I couldn’t imagine trying to focus on cooking after opening gifts. It gives us a little downtime before starting to work on Christmas dinner.
  6. Onesie Party: This is a newer tradition we began only in the past few years. This is a fun way for us to dress up for Christmas eve and makes us nostalgic of times when  onesies were a staple, instead of a costume! The kids love it, we love it and everyone is warm and snuggly! Can you say “Win/Win” situation!?
  7. Sound Of Music (Me & Kristen): Growing up we spent a few Holiday Seasons in Trinidad, WI. This is where my mother hails from. While there we practiced a bunch of the same traditions including Church one Christmas Eve and Opening one gift the night before. Another fun tradition was myself and my younger cousin would always watch the Sound of Music together.. a few times during the vacation.  The best part was always singing along to the movie!
  8. After Dinner Karaoke: This tradition formed out of the fact that so many family members and friends would join us for dinner. We usually play party games and after a while, we would all get on the mic! We are clearly a family that loves to sing, and it was always a way to promise us laughing into boxing day.

Well, hope you’ve enjoyed sharing our family traditions! Its always so special to celebrate this way with the ones I love and we look forward to this year after year! Feel free to share your traditions and stories with me as well! I am always looking for new ways to add Sparkle to the season!

Till next time!

Sparkle On loves!

Nurse of All Trades! 

My little sis has been the topic of conversation a couple times on this blog. Well this time I’m sprinkling Sparkle all over her graduation from Nursing School!! *does happy dance* For the last several years my sister has balanced her nursing classes and requirements with becoming a mother several times, getting married, managing a household all while holding down a full time job. Yes this little Wonder Woman has been committed to working hard! And I’m proud  of her!

So this entry will be about how I added Sparkle to an already shining day.

  • Hand made invitations! This was one  Friday night. I sat at home after a trip to Michael’s and made graduation invites for my sister’s luncheon. What I loved most about this was that each invite was personal and unique. I think it set the tone for everyone to know that they were thought of and that the goal of this event was to ensure my sister felt special!

  • Hat Decor Extrodinare! Once my sister got her cap and gown I was so excited to decorate! I love going to graduations and learning a bit more about each of the graduates by how they choose to decorate their caps.  There are funny and pun-ny caps that either show a sense of humor or a hilarious outlook to major change ahead. There are triumphant caps that show how much this promotion means, and how hard this graduate has worked. There are hobby/ interest caps that show outside of schoolwork, this graduate is dedicated to growing personally. Finally, the route we chose, is a triumphant one with a bit a scripture, for my sister knew that God was on her said, and through his strength she was able to conquer. It was great making this hat and reflecting on all my sister has overcame, and being filled with hope and faith for the future.


  • Simple touches for a special lunch! This was super important. Adding sparkle to the luncheon was important to me. I wanted my sister to feel celebrated and special! So, for her lunch we went to a local catering hall, that is right on the water. The view and venue was beautiful and the price was perfect. While the table setting was already lovely, it was great to add a couple items to personalize it for this event. I decided to pick up a few chargers for the place setting to tie it all in. I also printed photos and added flowers to the table. I had some burlap and and candles in lanterns to finish off the look. While I was a bit pressed for time, and ended up setting up to the last minute, it still was worth it for the end result.  I also found a fun cake topper on Easy that helped capture the sentiment of the day! 
  • Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake! It not even my birthday… Sorry guys, I had to! Okay, a cake is a very easy way to add sparkle because it adds to the event in a few ways.
    • It is decoration. It can be added to a desert table, or separated and stand alone like at weddings. However you decide to incorporate it is up to you, it ties the whole theme together while not being overstated.
    • It is dessert! Cakes are great because who doesn’t like cake? (rhetorical question this time guys, in the future I can do a post on cake alternatives because I do know of a few people who may disagree! but for this post… WHO DOESN’T LIKE CAKE?!).  Its something for the guests to look forward to, which is why it is important that your cake doesn’t only look great, but taste great as well! With a scope of ice-cream this classic dessert ends all events on a sweet note
    • It sends a message! As mentioned before, it is a great way to bring home the theme or also share a bit more about the honoree. There are so many amazing bakers these days, this cake was purchased at a cute shop in Long Island, NY: Little Sugar Shop. The cake was delicious and the price was great! Check them out if you can.


  • Guest List! This was the hardest part. We are blessed with a large family, but everyone can’t always make it. This lunch was on a Friday afternoon, which made it difficult for some to attend, also, due to resources, we couldn’t have a huge number of people. So I tried to keep it to immediate family and my sister’s closest friends. Sparkling on a budget means controlling numbers sometimes. While this is difficult, if keeping cost low is important, this is something you have to focus on!


  • Share the love! While everyone could not attend, it was great to share the moments via social media. While there are pitfalls to all the sharing that happens these days, the up side is loved ones near and far feeling like they are right there with you through the good times! So I encourage sharing and to really make it sparkle and easy to share add a #hashtag. It makes it so much easier to review all the pictures though that connection.


It was a beautiful day, mainly because we spent time with the ones we loved. But the only thing I would do differently? Ask for more help!  It’s okay to try to make t easier for everyone else, but sometimes brainstorming or delegating responsibilities can go a long way in helping you enjoy the day and stay in the moment.

Well! Party on and Sparkle on loves!

Wanna know how I added my SPARKLE! (Sources):

Cake Topper:  Check out this amazing shop on Etsy 

Clothes Pin picture holders, Silver Chargers, Mason Jar Lanterns,Cap and Invitation Decorations all from Michaels

Paper for invitations (various sizes and star border) were found at The Paper Source 

Grown up Sleepover! 

Sleepovers were always the best type of parties as a little girl! It meant a ton of concentrated time with your favorite people. You could stay up late and get lost on your own world! It’s a really personal and intimate type of party which usually leads to bearing your soul. Wheather endured by having your childhood blind faith in people or your grownup favorite bottle of Reisling…. always a great time and you feel so bonded afterwords.

My linesisters (technical definition: Sorority sisters who joined the same organization and chapter I did at the same time but really, women I love to death) and I wanted to plan a trip together last year. However,  that fell through for various reasons. We opted instead for a sleepover – hoping to still create fun new memories for way less mula. This weekend ended up being a really great and fun experience and here are a few ways we made it Sparkle:


  • Suite Life! Well really, a slightly larger hotel room than the typical NY box.   This added a bit of glam and excitement to the weekend. There is always something luxurious about staying in a hotel… even if it isn’t the Ritz (we went a couple notches down with a Marriott Courtyard).  It was nice to not have to clean up after ourselves and just enjoy the beautiful scenery.  However, fear not. If you don’t want to spring  for a hotel room feel free to host it at home. In the future I may post some of my favorite tips for hosting with love!
  • What are we doing? Plan out the night! Now, I know some of us love to be spontaneous and just go with the flow. But I think it’s a great idea to agree upon and plan a basic itenirary for your time. It can be super simple like ” stay at the spa/beach  all day, eat dinner at night, repeat”  or it could be way more detailed like the iteniary I worked on for my friends’ Bachelorette. But the main goal is to ensure everyone is on the same page and okay with the plan! For our sleepover the focus was reconnecting. Long gone were the college days of spending nearly every waking moment together. Moves, matrimony, children and career goals have had their toll on our time allocation; we looked st this as a chance to really catch up… kind of like the time we would spend in the car during or many road drops.


  • Break Bread together. Eating with people is such a social yet intimate act. Think about which meals will you eat together and how formal or informal you want it. Want to inspire nostalgia? Maybe hit up a family style Italian restaurant. Want to get gussied up and go out, find the nearest hotspot and have a feel good night. Or maybe you just want to eat snacks and watch movies together. Food has a way of setting or continuing the tone of the weekend, so pay attention.
  • Compromise! Now when I was in elementary there would always be a point in the weekend with some sort ofdiscord. It comes down to this, when with our friends it is usually for shorter periods of time. We all have different habits and while it’s okay for your bestie to be Elsa the whole time for your one hour play date…. it gets trite when she gets to sing “Let It Go” all night as you hide under the bed pretending to be Anna looking for her.  To keep the good feelings going try to be graceful this weekend. Pick and choose your battles, and be considerate of others. This is why it’s helpful to agree upon a few things prior to the weekend so that everyone is on he same page. Agreeing upon some ground rules or even ways to make decisions may be helpful tips.
  • Make sure everyone feels included! This is simple, it’s not hard to get all caught up in your having a good time and not realize your friend hasn’t said a word for the last two hours after you guys voted down her movie choice, food preference and game idea. Try to be mindful, this is simply a continuation of being a considerate participant.
  • I’ve been thinking bout you! This is a little extra tidbit. I bought each of my linesisrers (including the one who couldn’t make it) little presents. They were a fun way to say, I appreciate your presence and you’ve been on my mind. The little treats I got them connected to a thread of conversations we were having about self care and working towards that in 2017. I chose little gifts for each and personally wrote little cards to each. It was a fun way to say “I’ve been thinking bout you… yea yea yea yea” *Frank Ocean Voice* 😉
  • Finally, ensuere you create fun ways to memorialize your time together. I love photos! So I snapped a few throughout the night. I also came up with a fun idea to have “confessionals” on a shared video group chat that we have… that was fun to watch when we parted ways!

Anyway, however you decide to spend your time together will be great. Just remember to plan and participate with love and it should be a blast!

Sparkle on!

Boy it’s CHILI outside!

How do you turn a boring, cold Saturday into a great time? Throw a party! Okay, maybe not a party… but get the ones you love together! On a non-descript November Saturday my husband and I woke up with nothing to do.  I guess we could have cleaned and/ or sorted through all the crap we had in storage at the time, but instead we decided to cook.  Days like this were made for amazing chili, we thought. So, as we went grocery shopping to get the ingredients we became more and more excited! As you know, chili isn’t a single serve type of dish… and is a [little] labor of love, so we decided to invite our family over!

Before we knew it we were hosting: The NeSmith’s “Boy its Chili Outside” get together.  Really quickly, I drafted a corny, punny, message and sent it out to my sisters, mother and father.  It must have been a slow day for everyone because they all jumped at the opportunity to come over, eat some great food and play games.  To make this night a success we decided to have various sides for the chili: corn bread, nacho scoops, rice. We also provided various toppings for people to personalize their chili.  We bought some wine and beer and ice cream for dessert. Chili is a great dish because once you prep it… you mostly leave it alone to cook on its own, and you are then given the ability to run around and prepare for your guest.  What made this so fun is there was hardly anything we needed to do to prepare besides set up bowls and spoons.

As a family we love a good game/karaoke night! Not a single holiday can pass without a little bit of both! So four our chili night we made sure to pick up a new game to add to the collection.  In the end, what could have been a Saturday wasted in front of the TV turned into a fun night and great memory for my family. Below find our super simple chili recipe as well as a pic or two.  While this nice wasn’t fancy, it definitely did sparkle!



To help you get your sparkle on check out some of my (husband’s) favorite Chili recipes:


Sparkle on friends!


Take a PIC baby, please!

Photo shoot of the newbie….



I do not believe there is anything more sparkly in the world, than a brand new baby! I mean, puppies and lit Christmas trees come close, but nothing beats that new baby smell! 🙂

I have been blessed with four little girls from my sisters, three little boys from one sister-in-law and two more princesses from the  other.  I absolutely adore my nieces and nephews, and snap pictures of them any chance I get. This is mostly because I feel like every time I look at them, they look different—they’ve grown more, a new tooth grew in (or is trying to), taller, chubbier, and doing something new. They are at an age of such growth and exploration, there is always something new they’ve learned, or want to show me. I can’t help but try to document the moment… to their dismay at times.

So this should come as no surprise, that when it comes to our newest addition, I was pressed to say the least to get some photos. Our newest little one is already feisty! And she made it clear throughout the shoot that she did not appreciate her nap time being interrupted for pictures.  But all in all, we still did manage to capture some precious family memories… right around the house.


How to add sparkle to a home photoshoot?

  1. Coordinate: Outfits that is. Matching the participants is one surefire way to show you’ve put thought into this photo. It adds an air of sophistication to even the most humble shoots. Whether it be a color, or shoe type, we had all three wear moccasins, it connects those in the picture with each other.


    The three little sisters wore white with colored moccasins 

  2. Plan: A little bit of forethought goes a long way. Think about what the purpose of this shoot is, and how long can you realistically get your participants to sit still (with a 6 year old, 2 year old and 1month old, it wasn’t long!).  Ensure they are well fed, and find ways to keep them occupied that doesn’t include dirtying their clothes.  Also, think about the time of day and make sure you have help!  One person can make all the difference.
  3. Use what you have: All of these photos were shot around the house, I made use of lighting, and the various bedrooms and back yard, and they turned out great.  I accomplished my goal of capturing pictures that told the world “my new niece is here!”

Now #sparkleon y’all! Go get some pictures that you will cherish for the rest of your lives!