Passing Down the Sparkle

I’ve been blessed to give birth to a beautiful baby girl, Nina Nefertari. Nina was sent to us early November. I was lucky enough to deliver at a free standing birthing center where I was able to labor and deliver in a comfortable setting. While everything hasn’t been perfect, it’s been amazing getting to learn and grow in this new frontier. Having Nina challenged me in many ways, one being the area of belief. It’s one thing to proclaim something for yourself, but when you decide the well-being of someone else, you have to be sure.

There are many traditions that are important to me. My hope in raising Nina Nefertari is that I give her as much information that I can, and let her decide her own path. In the beginning I will be much more hands on, guiding her to the best of my ability. But by the time she is an adult, my role will be much more as an advisor. A grounding force in my life has been my religion. Figuring out my beliefs, and pushing myself to live up to them, has shaped me through various life experiences. However, God has always been a safe place for me and has been my home. In the most distressing moments of my life, seeking God has helped me regroup and and continue on. So teaching Nina Nefertari about God and our beliefs is of number one importance. I believe it shall sustain her long after I am not here.

My current church has a beautiful baby dedication service that they do three times a year. Nina was born right before the December occurrence so we have to wait until May for the next one. However, I felt as if this was too long to wait without any ceremony at all. So my husband and I were able to ask our reverend to do a blessing of Nina at our home to which he agreed.

This was extremely special to us because this was the man that not only counseled us through our engagement, he married us and also still serves as a counselor to this day. He has seen us through many stages and moments, making this one even more special.

We felt blessed to share this moment as a family, and reaffirm our commitment to each other and God.

Add sparkle to your everyday moments by being intentional. This day happened because we want to ground Nina in faith. Our faith has gotten us through a lot, and will continue to guide our family. My mother also played a huge role in holding us accountable. Her insistence helped us to stay focused and carry out this important task. It is so important to have a village that holds the mirror up for you, ensuring you follow through on the things that are important and support you in any way they can. Rev Shannon also had us write a prayer for Nina Nefertari. This prayer will serve as a reminder throughout her life of all the good things we’ve asked God to manifest in her life and our family. To me, this prayer added the most sparkle to this special moment, and is something we can preserve.

Friends and Family, you may not find it necessary to have your baby blessed at home. However I do recommend taking a moment to write a prayer or set intentions for your child’s life. In the future, especially the trying times, you can look at this prayer and remember the special moment and that God has a vision for their life.

Until next time, sparkle on!


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