Baking the Blues Away

As any new parent will share, if they’re honest, there are good nights and bad nights with your new baby.  One phrase that has been repeated numerous times is “everything changes”. I am constantly reminded, that good or bad, whatever I am experiencing with baby will change. I especially keep this in mind when we are having a rough night. A night sort of like the one we had last week.

Nina is two months now.  In some of our research and reading we’ve learned that this is an amazing time to start “sleep training” her. Sleep training in general is a controversial topic, I think people should follow their gut. In the end, you are the expert on your family’s and child’s needs. Nevertheless, we are playing with the idea of practicing sleep training with Nina, and tried it out early last week. Now one night went well, the following night we came in kind of late from my mother’s house so the schedule was a bit off. But this third night… was reminiscent of her second night home. Nina screamed at us, especially me, all night! I think it is worthy to mention that we had also started exclusively breastfeeding this week at the suggestion of our lactation consultant.  So a few things could have been happening. But to sum it up, I have a lot of upclose memories of my baby girl screaming in my face as loud as she could. She was upset… very upset… and I was having a hard time figuring out why.

That morning I “woke up” feeling like I haven’t felt in a while. Like I had been out drinking all night, without hydrating or eating properly before, during, or after. I had a headache. I was groggy. I was extremely tired. But I also had responsibilities, namely, the lady who was responsible for me not getting any sleep in the first place.
Well, as soon as it was time for me to be up and about, nina decided to take a nap.  As tired as I was, I wasn’t able to take a nap. Maybe I was still in shock by how hard the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnight before was. Whatever the case,  I suddenly had an urge to bake.  Now this may be shocking. For a lot of people the last thing they want to do is head into the kitchen when not feeling their best;but this was actually a habit I formed in college.  Baking when feeling bored (very different from not having things to do just to clarify :), confused or sad, is something my closest friends and I did. That and work out, I know weird, but it worked.

Baking (and working out) allows me to engross myself in something that has a benefit to me. I get to focus, for an hour or two, on this one thing. I’m not contemplating if I’m parenting right. I am not figuring out if my career is on track. I not poring over my past decisions and grading myself. I am just baking. I am adding the ingredients and doing it with love. Therefore, I am sparkling without doubt. I am also spreading sparkle when sharing my treats with the ones I love.


After baking I feel accomplished, even if I wasn’t able to get Nina to settle down the night before. Baking gives me a win in early motherhood when those can be hard to come by.

So friends, add sparkle to this amazing journey of parenthood by carving out a little time for your hobbies. They make you feel sparkley and therefore you can pass that on to your little ones.

Until next time, Sparkle on!


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