Is that a + sign?!

“So, you’re pregnant…” (And when I say you, I mean me.. cause this is me talking to myself) “Okay, now what?  What are your next steps?”  To be honest, at this moment I had so many various thoughts racing through my head.  I thought about my husband and I trying and praying for this kid; I thought about my family hounding me for years about when this kid would arrive; I thought of the one or two friends who said they  would cry when they found out about this kid (some in a positive way, some mourning the loss of a party buddy); I thought about our small one bedroom and our English bulldog (who is an attention whore by the way); and finally, I thought of all the things I said I would do before I had a kid and when I got pregnant.  I didn’t know where I was supposed to begin. But I knew one thing, I needed support. So telling someone, mainly the one responsible for this, was important to me. I wanted  him to be surprised and I needed to tell him in a fun way. So, below I will share how I shared this information with my  hubby and got to relive my own excitement through his eyes.

First thing first, I found out I was pregnant on a nondescript Monday. I realized I was late and told myself to calm down, and wait until Monday (which would be a week), to check to see.  Monday came, I bought a test (which was an experience because I am awkward and turn even the most mundane situations into experiences). I will spare you the thoughts and needless analytics that went along with this trip and jump to the result: POSITIVE. So the first test, I passed … but needed to confirm. I missed my GYN appointment scheduled for that week and ended up walking into an urgent care center where a very blunt and excited doctor confirmed that I was pregnant; and said I was about 5 weeks pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. 

So next I had to move quickly. I am not good at keeping things quiet sometimes, so I knew I had to tell Eric right away… well as soon as I could craft up the perfect gift. I thought for a while and wanted to tell him in a way that would speak to him directly. This meant I had to include the Cowboys. I came up with a catchy phrase (well at least I thought it was) and created the gift. I also got his favorite type of desert (ice cream cake) and cooked a nice meal.

Below is the gift I created for him and a short video of him opening it.   I think I added a little sparkle to his night… and soon, hopefully his life 🙂


Okay… now the journey officially begins… watch me grow and you continue to sparkle.



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