Nurse of All Trades! 

My little sis has been the topic of conversation a couple times on this blog. Well this time I’m sprinkling Sparkle all over her graduation from Nursing School!! *does happy dance* For the last several years my sister has balanced her nursing classes and requirements with becoming a mother several times, getting married, managing a household all while holding down a full time job. Yes this little Wonder Woman has been committed to working hard! And I’m proud  of her!

So this entry will be about how I added Sparkle to an already shining day.

  • Hand made invitations! This was one  Friday night. I sat at home after a trip to Michael’s and made graduation invites for my sister’s luncheon. What I loved most about this was that each invite was personal and unique. I think it set the tone for everyone to know that they were thought of and that the goal of this event was to ensure my sister felt special!

  • Hat Decor Extrodinare! Once my sister got her cap and gown I was so excited to decorate! I love going to graduations and learning a bit more about each of the graduates by how they choose to decorate their caps.  There are funny and pun-ny caps that either show a sense of humor or a hilarious outlook to major change ahead. There are triumphant caps that show how much this promotion means, and how hard this graduate has worked. There are hobby/ interest caps that show outside of schoolwork, this graduate is dedicated to growing personally. Finally, the route we chose, is a triumphant one with a bit a scripture, for my sister knew that God was on her said, and through his strength she was able to conquer. It was great making this hat and reflecting on all my sister has overcame, and being filled with hope and faith for the future.


  • Simple touches for a special lunch! This was super important. Adding sparkle to the luncheon was important to me. I wanted my sister to feel celebrated and special! So, for her lunch we went to a local catering hall, that is right on the water. The view and venue was beautiful and the price was perfect. While the table setting was already lovely, it was great to add a couple items to personalize it for this event. I decided to pick up a few chargers for the place setting to tie it all in. I also printed photos and added flowers to the table. I had some burlap and and candles in lanterns to finish off the look. While I was a bit pressed for time, and ended up setting up to the last minute, it still was worth it for the end result.  I also found a fun cake topper on Easy that helped capture the sentiment of the day! 
  • Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake! It not even my birthday… Sorry guys, I had to! Okay, a cake is a very easy way to add sparkle because it adds to the event in a few ways.
    • It is decoration. It can be added to a desert table, or separated and stand alone like at weddings. However you decide to incorporate it is up to you, it ties the whole theme together while not being overstated.
    • It is dessert! Cakes are great because who doesn’t like cake? (rhetorical question this time guys, in the future I can do a post on cake alternatives because I do know of a few people who may disagree! but for this post… WHO DOESN’T LIKE CAKE?!).  Its something for the guests to look forward to, which is why it is important that your cake doesn’t only look great, but taste great as well! With a scope of ice-cream this classic dessert ends all events on a sweet note
    • It sends a message! As mentioned before, it is a great way to bring home the theme or also share a bit more about the honoree. There are so many amazing bakers these days, this cake was purchased at a cute shop in Long Island, NY: Little Sugar Shop. The cake was delicious and the price was great! Check them out if you can.


  • Guest List! This was the hardest part. We are blessed with a large family, but everyone can’t always make it. This lunch was on a Friday afternoon, which made it difficult for some to attend, also, due to resources, we couldn’t have a huge number of people. So I tried to keep it to immediate family and my sister’s closest friends. Sparkling on a budget means controlling numbers sometimes. While this is difficult, if keeping cost low is important, this is something you have to focus on!


  • Share the love! While everyone could not attend, it was great to share the moments via social media. While there are pitfalls to all the sharing that happens these days, the up side is loved ones near and far feeling like they are right there with you through the good times! So I encourage sharing and to really make it sparkle and easy to share add a #hashtag. It makes it so much easier to review all the pictures though that connection.


It was a beautiful day, mainly because we spent time with the ones we loved. But the only thing I would do differently? Ask for more help!  It’s okay to try to make t easier for everyone else, but sometimes brainstorming or delegating responsibilities can go a long way in helping you enjoy the day and stay in the moment.

Well! Party on and Sparkle on loves!

Wanna know how I added my SPARKLE! (Sources):

Cake Topper:  Check out this amazing shop on Etsy 

Clothes Pin picture holders, Silver Chargers, Mason Jar Lanterns,Cap and Invitation Decorations all from Michaels

Paper for invitations (various sizes and star border) were found at The Paper Source 


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