Grown up Sleepover! 

Sleepovers were always the best type of parties as a little girl! It meant a ton of concentrated time with your favorite people. You could stay up late and get lost on your own world! It’s a really personal and intimate type of party which usually leads to bearing your soul. Wheather endured by having your childhood blind faith in people or your grownup favorite bottle of Reisling…. always a great time and you feel so bonded afterwords.

My linesisters (technical definition: Sorority sisters who joined the same organization and chapter I did at the same time but really, women I love to death) and I wanted to plan a trip together last year. However,  that fell through for various reasons. We opted instead for a sleepover – hoping to still create fun new memories for way less mula. This weekend ended up being a really great and fun experience and here are a few ways we made it Sparkle:


  • Suite Life! Well really, a slightly larger hotel room than the typical NY box.   This added a bit of glam and excitement to the weekend. There is always something luxurious about staying in a hotel… even if it isn’t the Ritz (we went a couple notches down with a Marriott Courtyard).  It was nice to not have to clean up after ourselves and just enjoy the beautiful scenery.  However, fear not. If you don’t want to spring  for a hotel room feel free to host it at home. In the future I may post some of my favorite tips for hosting with love!
  • What are we doing? Plan out the night! Now, I know some of us love to be spontaneous and just go with the flow. But I think it’s a great idea to agree upon and plan a basic itenirary for your time. It can be super simple like ” stay at the spa/beach  all day, eat dinner at night, repeat”  or it could be way more detailed like the iteniary I worked on for my friends’ Bachelorette. But the main goal is to ensure everyone is on the same page and okay with the plan! For our sleepover the focus was reconnecting. Long gone were the college days of spending nearly every waking moment together. Moves, matrimony, children and career goals have had their toll on our time allocation; we looked st this as a chance to really catch up… kind of like the time we would spend in the car during or many road drops.


  • Break Bread together. Eating with people is such a social yet intimate act. Think about which meals will you eat together and how formal or informal you want it. Want to inspire nostalgia? Maybe hit up a family style Italian restaurant. Want to get gussied up and go out, find the nearest hotspot and have a feel good night. Or maybe you just want to eat snacks and watch movies together. Food has a way of setting or continuing the tone of the weekend, so pay attention.
  • Compromise! Now when I was in elementary there would always be a point in the weekend with some sort ofdiscord. It comes down to this, when with our friends it is usually for shorter periods of time. We all have different habits and while it’s okay for your bestie to be Elsa the whole time for your one hour play date…. it gets trite when she gets to sing “Let It Go” all night as you hide under the bed pretending to be Anna looking for her.  To keep the good feelings going try to be graceful this weekend. Pick and choose your battles, and be considerate of others. This is why it’s helpful to agree upon a few things prior to the weekend so that everyone is on he same page. Agreeing upon some ground rules or even ways to make decisions may be helpful tips.
  • Make sure everyone feels included! This is simple, it’s not hard to get all caught up in your having a good time and not realize your friend hasn’t said a word for the last two hours after you guys voted down her movie choice, food preference and game idea. Try to be mindful, this is simply a continuation of being a considerate participant.
  • I’ve been thinking bout you! This is a little extra tidbit. I bought each of my linesisrers (including the one who couldn’t make it) little presents. They were a fun way to say, I appreciate your presence and you’ve been on my mind. The little treats I got them connected to a thread of conversations we were having about self care and working towards that in 2017. I chose little gifts for each and personally wrote little cards to each. It was a fun way to say “I’ve been thinking bout you… yea yea yea yea” *Frank Ocean Voice* 😉
  • Finally, ensuere you create fun ways to memorialize your time together. I love photos! So I snapped a few throughout the night. I also came up with a fun idea to have “confessionals” on a shared video group chat that we have… that was fun to watch when we parted ways!

Anyway, however you decide to spend your time together will be great. Just remember to plan and participate with love and it should be a blast!

Sparkle on!


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