Boy it’s CHILI outside!

How do you turn a boring, cold Saturday into a great time? Throw a party! Okay, maybe not a party… but get the ones you love together! On a non-descript November Saturday my husband and I woke up with nothing to do.  I guess we could have cleaned and/ or sorted through all the crap we had in storage at the time, but instead we decided to cook.  Days like this were made for amazing chili, we thought. So, as we went grocery shopping to get the ingredients we became more and more excited! As you know, chili isn’t a single serve type of dish… and is a [little] labor of love, so we decided to invite our family over!

Before we knew it we were hosting: The NeSmith’s “Boy its Chili Outside” get together.  Really quickly, I drafted a corny, punny, message and sent it out to my sisters, mother and father.  It must have been a slow day for everyone because they all jumped at the opportunity to come over, eat some great food and play games.  To make this night a success we decided to have various sides for the chili: corn bread, nacho scoops, rice. We also provided various toppings for people to personalize their chili.  We bought some wine and beer and ice cream for dessert. Chili is a great dish because once you prep it… you mostly leave it alone to cook on its own, and you are then given the ability to run around and prepare for your guest.  What made this so fun is there was hardly anything we needed to do to prepare besides set up bowls and spoons.

As a family we love a good game/karaoke night! Not a single holiday can pass without a little bit of both! So four our chili night we made sure to pick up a new game to add to the collection.  In the end, what could have been a Saturday wasted in front of the TV turned into a fun night and great memory for my family. Below find our super simple chili recipe as well as a pic or two.  While this nice wasn’t fancy, it definitely did sparkle!



To help you get your sparkle on check out some of my (husband’s) favorite Chili recipes:


Sparkle on friends!



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