You Can Do It! Be a great bridesmaid!

In the last few years I’ve been both a bride and bridesmaid (matron of honor). Having been in both positions I’ve grown  to understand the nuances of the role and responsibilities in a very personal  way. 

So you’ve gone and done it this time! You’ve accepted the invitation, no, the responsibility of being a bridesmaid. Firstly, Congratulations!  Clearly you’ve done something correct because someone trusts you enough to involve you in the success of one of their most prized days.  So keep this in mind everytime you cringe at the notification sound for the group chat you will inevitably be apart of. Smile, someone loves (and trusts) you- so be patient.

Okay so now, my tips on how to sparkle as a bridesmaid:

  • Be clear on the bride’s expectations for you
  • Be a team player (learn to work with different personalities)
  • Understand the cost implications of being a bridesmaid aheaqd of time (and try to keep the complaining to a minimum be a problem solver not the reverse )
  • Offer your honest opinion when asked but be graceful! Remember there is a lot on the Bride’s plate. Do not pile it on her!
  • Take time to check in with the bride, aside from wedding planning
  • Become a Jill of all trades as it gets closer to the big day- just help her get it done! Never sewed before or crafting not your thing? Its okay, help her get the last minute things done

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