#SheSaidYes Part 2

Now that we’ve planned…it’s time to party!

We spent months preparing for this weekend, and I was lucky that all the women attending wanted to ensure that Antonia had a great weekend! So after all of the planning, all that was left was the execution. However, if you’ve ever hosted an event, you know that this can sometimes be the trickiest part as things do not always go as planned.

I got to the house before anyone else, I needed time to shop, set up and prepare for everyone else.  First thing I did was go grocery shopping, which actually took a few hours!

Grocery Shopping

Shopping for 9 women who have different preferences and lifestyles is a complicated task! However, we helped ourselves out by ensuring we understood the wants of everyone while also tapering expectations. To figure out where to start that is where the itinerary comes in. We got everyone to agree upon which meals would be home cooked. That helped us limit the needs of everyone. Then through the use of a google survey we were able to categorize everything everyone wanted.  Sample questions we asked:

  1. Allergies/ Food preferences
  2. Favorite drinks (non alcoholic/ alcoholic)
  3. Favorite snacks
  4. Clothing and Shoe sizes (for personalized gifts)
  5. Contact Information
  6. Emergency contact information
  7. Contribute to the shared experience by:
    1. Adding a song to the Spotify Playlist
    2. Bringing images etc. for the scrapbook
    3. Sharing hopes for the weekend

With all the information we had gathered, it was still a major undertaking to purchase all of the food and snacks to make everyone feel at home that weekend. However, it was well worth it.


Making sure that the house felt festive was extremely important to us. We wanted our Bride to Be to feel celebrated and special! It isn’t that hard to add a little sparkle, it just takes a little forethought.  One way we did this was by picking color themes.  White and Gold were our major colors and we complimented it with black  and  pink here and there.



Girl’s Night In Dinner

Besides the actual decoration of  parts of the house, we created fun spaces. One fun space we created was the “photo wall”.  The idea of this space was to create a dynamic and interesting background for pictures.  In the age where social media is king, pictures are super important. Times that by the fact that bachelorettes are made for memorializing, the photo wall becomes almost a necessity. Now, this doesn’t have to be an in depth undertaking. Quite the contrary, all it takes is the placement of a couple thoughtful decorations or props. As you can see, we choose a couple stripes and stars, and strategically placed them in the hallway leading to the door.  This made sense because as we were leaving on any one of our adventures, we could stop and snap a pic for the memory book!


This is another activity that was heavily assisted by the itinerary and survey. In the previous post <insert link>  I shared an itinerary that was basically shaped and molded by all who attended.  That being said, it was very clear, prior to arrival, how we would spend our time.  I also asked guests to bring little games for the house for our quality time together. There was a mix of party games, times that focused on Antonia and free time. Feel free to review the entire itinerary, but one thing activity I want to highlight is our nostalgic dinner.  This was the dinner we had at home our first full day in NC.  This dinner took a bit of preparation on our part, but was relatively inexpensive and very impactful for our bride. Basically, to set the tone for the weekend, and ensure that Toni felt loved and supported (which is really the thing that most brides want to feel by this point in the process) we each brought a picture/object that held meaning for us in regards to our relationship with Antonia.  We also were supposed to bring pictures of ourselves with Antonia for a group scrapbook we were working on post the weekend.  We did an inexpensive but delicious pasta dinner after which we shared what each of our trinkets represented. Once we hugged it out (yes, it turned out to be super emotional) we went out to #PaintTheTownGOLD! (for suggestions on where to go you can check out these blogs that I used to gather information <insert links>


Okay, so as promised here are my tips on how to have a sparkling experience when planning/ executing a bachelorette weekend:


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