Take a PIC baby, please!

Photo shoot of the newbie….



I do not believe there is anything more sparkly in the world, than a brand new baby! I mean, puppies and lit Christmas trees come close, but nothing beats that new baby smell! 🙂

I have been blessed with four little girls from my sisters, three little boys from one sister-in-law and two more princesses from the  other.  I absolutely adore my nieces and nephews, and snap pictures of them any chance I get. This is mostly because I feel like every time I look at them, they look different—they’ve grown more, a new tooth grew in (or is trying to), taller, chubbier, and doing something new. They are at an age of such growth and exploration, there is always something new they’ve learned, or want to show me. I can’t help but try to document the moment… to their dismay at times.

So this should come as no surprise, that when it comes to our newest addition, I was pressed to say the least to get some photos. Our newest little one is already feisty! And she made it clear throughout the shoot that she did not appreciate her nap time being interrupted for pictures.  But all in all, we still did manage to capture some precious family memories… right around the house.


How to add sparkle to a home photoshoot?

  1. Coordinate: Outfits that is. Matching the participants is one surefire way to show you’ve put thought into this photo. It adds an air of sophistication to even the most humble shoots. Whether it be a color, or shoe type, we had all three wear moccasins, it connects those in the picture with each other.


    The three little sisters wore white with colored moccasins 

  2. Plan: A little bit of forethought goes a long way. Think about what the purpose of this shoot is, and how long can you realistically get your participants to sit still (with a 6 year old, 2 year old and 1month old, it wasn’t long!).  Ensure they are well fed, and find ways to keep them occupied that doesn’t include dirtying their clothes.  Also, think about the time of day and make sure you have help!  One person can make all the difference.
  3. Use what you have: All of these photos were shot around the house, I made use of lighting, and the various bedrooms and back yard, and they turned out great.  I accomplished my goal of capturing pictures that told the world “my new niece is here!”

Now #sparkleon y’all! Go get some pictures that you will cherish for the rest of your lives!




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