The 3rd Annual Green Baby Sprinkle

A running joke in my family is my sister’s, Aaliya, growing family! In 6 short years she has managed to get engaged and married and have three beautiful little girls! For a while it seemed as if our growing family was unstoppable as well as the excitement and chaos!



All of the planning and prepping can become rather demanding, however, it was a labor of love!  One of the most intensive undertakings was this baby shower. Scheduled for Memorial Day weekend and only a few weeks after me starting my new job, it would definitely be a challenge. Lucky for me I had tons of help from family and friends  willing to pitch in.

A baby shower is a great way to add a little more sparkle to the journey to motherhood.  Like the gender reveal party, it is an opportunity to invite all the ones you love to celebrate this milestone with you. Unlike the gender reveal, it may not be as intimate or as simple– however, it can still be a really fun event!!


The Sweetness of Life Table!

How to make your shower sparkly?

Well, for me, it is super important not to loose the original thought behind a shower: to shower the expecting parents with love, blessings and gifts!  With that being said, I really do not believe in spending tons of money on these events, as I believe  that goes against the whole point.


Almost homemade was a show on the Food Network which taught great shortcuts when cooking. Sometimes you would start with a box cake which would be doctored up, or perhaps canned food as the base to your Shepard’s pie.  The idea of the show was still preparing things at home, but finding ways to make it easier.  It was this approach we took to the sprinkle.  Seeing as this wasn’t our first baby shower, we had a template already for how to execute the event. Here are the general responsibilities that were allocated:

  1. Food: We tackled this with a mix of ordered catering and homemade meals. By ordering some staples in large quantities, it took the pressure of those of us cooking.  I was personally able to bake various treats that I’ll post below.
  2. Decorations:  Now we didn’t want to spend too much here, but wanted to set an ambience.  My sister wanted an African Print shower  to honor our heritage.  To compliment the different patterns we used gold for accessories to tie everything together.


    African Print Table Runner and Mason Jar Candle Holders

  3. Music/ DJ: Luckily for us we have a few DJs in the family which made this aspect super easy. We asked and they happily complied.
  4. Games: now what is a shower without fun games? It was great to have a mistress of ceremonies focused only on how we would spend our time. Kyia found some really great games; the challenge to this was, since this was the 3rd baby… And technically just a “baby sprinkle” we wanted to make sure to keep people entertained with new and exciting games.  Kyia had a great mix of games, some were super passive like guess the number of diapers in the basket; and some were super active like the one I’ll call “multitasking mama” which had the contestants doing a variety of tasks that mommies often do throughout the day.


    Mistress of Games! Here she is with the homemade Diaper cake she made for the shower!

With this Sprinkle I choose to take on Décor/Decoration and Sweets. To decorate the backyard we did a few things:

  • Purchased Material: We kept it simple with white as the background color and gold as an accent color. The different patterned materials added all the lively fun we needed.  To save money, instead of covering the whole tables with the material, which would mean more yards, and therefore more money, we did the material as runners. Another fun thing we did was create little flag banners to hang around the yard. These were super easy to create and looked great when completed.  For your convenience, I’ve inserted a link on how to create flag banners

A close up of homemade mini- cupcakes and the table runners we made!

  • Mason Jar Candle Holders: These are a go to! I love these things, so simple and fun. The best part about these specific ones are they are recycled! That’s right. We used them previously for my sister’s 25th Birthday Dinner Party, however, they were blue instead of the required gold. So to reuse these simple yet glam jars we sanded the glitter off of the jars and then reapplied the desired color. These are such great little décor pieces to have. We live outside as a family in the summer, and anytime we were going to be outside into the night, we would put a couple of these on the table. The amber glow really adds to ambience.
  • Random Treasures Around The House: Another big help (and money saver) for the sweets table were the gems that my mother already had! We all know someone who has a bunch of treasures hidden in plain sight. My mother had a couple glass and crystal cake stands, a double layered gold  stand and a bunch of gold servers and treys! This saved so much money and added to the perfect set up of the table.  Before going out and purchasing new, check around with your friends and family to see what you can borrow!

Borrowed my mother’s layered stand!

  • Candy Jars: What I did invest in for this party were different shaped jars for candy. I thought this was a great investment because the jars are so cute and versatile. I could use them for events in the future (holding cookies, candy canes or whatever else I’d like); and I could also use them for décor (fill them with Christmas ornaments and you have a great centerpiece for your table). The various shapes and sizes added interesting lines to the table and depth.


Finally, to fill up the jars I purchased bulk candy. I suggest visiting various sites to figure out what works best for you, but I ordered mine from . They shipped on time and the candy was yummy!  I baked the cupcakes and cake from scratch using Martha Stewart recipes found on her site.  The three kinds of cakes/ cupcakes I made were:

  1. Brown Sugar Pound Cake with a Maple Glaze
  2. Chocolate Chip  Cake with Chocolate Chip Frosting
  3. Chocolate Cupcakes with Basic Buttercream Frosting

In the end, everyone had a great time but most importantly, Mommy and Daddy to be really felt special and taken care of.  My new niece arrived the following month (three days after her eldest sister and two days after her older cousin) and our family spent the summer cooing over her! You can check out her “Welcome” pics here.


The Growing Family added their own Sparkle through coordinated outfits! 🙂

Just make sure you have fun during the process and on the day of!

Until next time,

Sparkle On!


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