Gender Revealed!


The table was set up to represent the theme of the night: Girl or Boy.

When I found out my younger sister was pregnant [again] I was ecstatic. Family has always been the foundation of my life. My sisters, are like the other two pieces to my whole, and once I am with them and my parents, I have this feeling of peace that is sometimes hard to come by outside of those times.  I am so excited for my nieces and nephews to experience the joys of having siblings and cousins.

Gender reveal parties have been gaining in popularity, and I get it. Similarly to weddings, which have become increasingly elaborate, it seems as if as a society we are working harder to celebrate the time we do get to spend together.  As we grow busier by the second, the time we do get with family has become more precious as well as scarce.  In some cases, the only way you get to see some of the people you love most on this earth, is through the planning of events.  So where my mother would have probably shared the gender of her baby by word of mouth– as she saw her friends; these days our friends and family are more likely  to find out through social media.  And while there are pros to staying virtually connected with the ones you love, a lot of us long for that quality in person time.


Hence… Gender reveal parties! Its a great time to celebrate the ones you love, by bringing everyone together to celebrate life!  These parties are the best because they are a relatively low lift and can be super inexpensive. I think its the best to pick a few things that you’d like to focus on, and really expend all of your energy on entertaining and enjoying your company!

Here is how to add a little sparkle to a  gender reveal party:

  1. Pick a Theme – This is super easy. For this baby we went with “Touchdowns or Tiaras”. A  play on stereotypical gender roles, I know, but it was a fun way to get everyone excited.
  2. Be thoughtful in your invite list – This is important! Before you even set out to figure out who to invite, think to yourself: “Is this an intimate gathering of family and friends or do I want this to be a bigger celebration”.  Once you decide (I would lean toward intimate) curate your list to suit. The point of this particular celebration is to not only celebrate the new life that will be coming into the world, but reinforce your familial ties.  Pick a number and try your best to stick to it, the bigger this becomes, the more complicated (and expensive ) it is too!
  3. POTLUCK- What better way to take the pressure of prepping off of yourself  than to delegate it! Have your family and friends take a few minutes to create their favorite dish. Not only does it help them feel even more involved in the event, you get to cut down your time in the kitchen away from everyone.
  4. Simple Decor-  This is where I usually get carried away  *insert embarrassed emoji here*.  I get carried away in making it look pretty.  Yes, I love sparkle but I’ve found by focusing on one or two things, and really putting time  and energy into those is way better than trying to recreate the Taj mahal.  For this reveal I decorated the dining room table. I drew my line in the sand … one side pink, one side green. Just a few simple embellishments and the tone was set.  This is also great because it means less cleanup after! (or you can do what I love to do, host it by Mom’s… even less clean up 😛 )
  5.  Decide on how you will reveal – We chose a treasure chest pinata filled with confetti depnding on the gender of the baby. This was fun, and made for a few great pictures as well. Will you have a cake? Float balloons?  Turn a picture around? display either little girl clothes or little boy clothes? Whatever you decide, just make sure it represents you/ your family  and  you cant go wrong!

Okay guys… now go on, keep shining! and don’t forget the sparkle!


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