Don’t forget the Sparkle!

We have all heard a million cliche phrases about the brevity of life.  And while we acknowledge that we are on this earth for only a moment, we often find ourselves focused on the “urgent” things that capture our attention any given day.  Making it through each day becomes the  task that we are often preoccupied with. Life becomes a series of checklists with what seems like a rotation of priorities that never end! todo

If we aren’t careful, our lives become a series of completed tasks that do nothing but leave us drained and wanting for more.  This longing turns into frustration or stress that we end up exorcising in one way or another.  All the while, the moments that really count are being overshadowed or worse, not being recognized at all.

This is why I say “Don’t forget the Sparkle”.  It is a simple saying that I hope reminds you that life is nothing but a collection of moments. Some positive and some not so positive. However, it is our choice as to what we will highlight and carry with us in our heart.  I believe we all have our own ways of remembering the sparkle. Maybe its taking the long route home, to enjoy the foliage. Or perhaps it is sending hand written notes to friends you only speak to once in a blue moon, to let them know you are thinking of them.  It can be having your family and friends over because, well… its Thursday!

Whatever it is, however we choose to do it, let’s take a little time to add sparkle to these days that encompass our lives.


Until next time… sparkle on.




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